Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club Lacrosse Program is run by a steering committee of volunteers under the auspices of the Boys and Girls Club of Pittsfield. With mutual goals in developing physical skills and coordination, as well as fostering teamwork, good s


Pittsfield Boys and Girls Club - Boys Rules Lacrosse Policies
Playing Time Guidelines
In general, playing time should be equal for players in all programs below high school level.
Because of the nature of the game however, players such as middies are not likely to get as much playing time as attack, defensemen, or goalies. Goalies may actually play the entirety of a game. Play within a position however should be relatively equal. For this purpose all middies are considered as a group.
Exceptions to this are for man-up and man-down situations and the last 3 minutes of a close game. In these cases the coach may play those players that he/she feels most help the team.
In situations where playing time has been more prevalent for certain players and at the expense of others due to excessive penalties or a tight game the coach should attempt in other games to make up that playing time for those players.
Additionally, other than for modified (Bantam) teams, unexcused absences from practices and/or games will result in sitting game penalty of one half game (or 25% of the game time, that player would have otherwise received) per occurrence. A fifth unexcused absence will result in an automatic dismissal from the team with no refund of fees other than equipment/uniform deposit upon return of such items. Coaches should keep written documentation of practices/games missed and reason given by the player so that this may be reviewed prior to dismissal by the Coaches Liaison and Program Coordinator.
Individual coaches may establish procedures for absence notification by their players/families.
Transportation Guideline
Parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s transportation to and from practices and games..
Try-Out Policy
Each “A” Level  coachwill schedule 2-3 pre-season try-out sessions, to determine individual player placement  when participation numbers warrant more than one team at each Junior (grades 4-5), and Senior (grades 7-8) level. The coaching staff work together to minimize any stress on players feeling the pressure of a try-outsituation. All players are placed on a team, the coaches simply try to find the team that will give each player the best opportunity to help them improve as a lacrosse player. No guarantees of placement can be made for transportation or keeping siblings together. It is intended to evaluate the entire program at that level and every player should feel comfortable trying out, however players may choose not to try out and automatically be place on the ‘B” team. In the event additional players are needed at the higher level only players who tried out for the ”A “ team should be moved up during the year.
Fee Structure
 The player fee structure has elements in several categories.


  • Direct memberships
  • USLacrosse membership
  • Boys and Girls Club Membership
  • Boys and Girls Club Lacrosse program registration fee which provides funds for our ongoing responsibility for yearly program operations
    • monthly storage container rental during the playing season
    • paint and field maintenance
    • registration supplies, postage, score books
    • game and practice balls
    • laundering of uniforms and gear
    • coaching certifications and training
    • Assessments are directly related to the size of each team and vary year to year based on the tournament costs, referee fees, and other team specific elements. There are likely to be additional assessments due depending on home games played and tournaments entered. Efforts are made to determine these fees as early in the season as possible but they are unknown at pre-season registration.
  • Equipment use deposit - refundable at end of season upon equipment return
  • FundRaising is a required component of our registration structure which allows for capital expenditures such as uniforms, helmets, goals, and other equipment with long term value.

Moving up Guidelines
In general, players are expected to play within their grade level and pre-season placement on either an “A” or “B” level team.In cases where the program has a decent number of players at one level and have less players than ideal at the level above our program has a policy that can be implemented whereby we offer to parents of certain children the opportunity to move from the lower level to the upper level. 
For instance, at the senior level, grades 7 and 8, we field two teams  but our numbers hypothetically are at that level are such that while there is enough to field two teams be we can just barely do so.  At the junior level however, we have a number that, while it would work, it is less than ideal for us to give players the best opportunity to get playing time.

Under our policy, parents of players that are in their second year of play at the level they are registered for, in such cases, are invited to consider moving their child up to the next level.  When it is offered by the  program, this is strictly a parental decision and they to decide whether each child moves up or remains at the lower level for another year. 
 The decision once made is a final one.

A player whose parents decide to move their child up would not be able to move back to the lower.  If an A team has issues that require it to look to the B team at a later date players could be eligible for that move based on the A team's needs and the play of the members of the B team. If tryouts have already taken place the players would only be eligible to play at the B level.  
The parental decision should be based on what they view as best for their own child, not the program or the teams involved.  From the Steering Committtee’s standpoint, we only make this available when we feel it benefits our program and teams as a whole.  We do not move players up simply at the request of parents or players if the conditions noted above are not met.  The predominant reason for the policy is to give players the best opportunity to get the most playing time possible while still respecting the individuality of each player, which hopefully parents can best understand.
Equipment/Uniform Policy
Boys abd Girls Club provides helmets, shoulder pads, arm guards, and uniforms for players, goalie equipment, defensive sticks and team equipment. Each Player will be assessed an equipment deposit at registration. The cost of individual equipment and uniforms provided to each player would be in excess of $250 and this benefit of the program helps keep this sport affordable for our participating families. Deposit monies are returned at the end of the season, provided all equipment and uniform components are returned by the return dates. Checks are sent to the players home, 2- 3 weeks after equipment return. For players participating in summer camps or clinics they may retain use of the equipment but must return the uniform parts. Players that do not return these items for the reasons noted above will not receive a refund of their deposit until equipment and uniforms are returned at a later date. Players not returning these items (uniforms if using equipment during summer) will have their refunds of their deposits reduced (see refund policy)   If a player can not make it to scheduled sessions they must place these items in a bag with their name on it and return them to the CYC by the year end deadline.
Players must provide their own sticks, gloves, rib guard, cleats, mouth guard and water bottle.

Refund Policy
No refunds, for any reason, on any registration fee, US lacrosse registration fee, CYC membership fee, or team assessments.
Equipment/uniform deposit monies are returned at the end of the season, provided all equipment and uniform components are returned by the return dates. Players not returning items will have their refunds of their deposits reduced by 10% interest/month. No refund of equipment deposits beyond one day prior to first registration for following season.