Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club Lacrosse Program is run by a steering committee of volunteers under the auspices of the Boys and Girls Club of Pittsfield. With mutual goals in developing physical skills and coordination, as well as fostering teamwork, good s


The Saints Lacrosse Steering committee leads the lacrosse program through ongoing planning and providing a coordinated system for the program to operate.

Objective: To improve the quality of the Lacrosse experience for players, their coaches, and families.  

Primary Functions of the Steering Committee as a whole:
Policy Making

  • The steering committee is the sole policy-making body of the Saints lacrosse program (Coaches may have additional team rules or guidelines)
  • Solicit input/reactions from players, coaches, and families as needed
  • Review policies regularly; with attention to US Lacrosse, and league policies and guidelines.
  • Evaluate and monitor our organizational performance

Fiduciary Oversight

  • Ongoing responsibility for stewardship of monies for operations, capital expenditures, and individual teams
  • Understand budget and financial reports, as well as sources of revenue  (fees, assessments, gifts) and expenses

 Interaction with Community

  • Promote lacrosse in Berkshire County through collaboration and community participation
  • Represent Pittsfield, the Boys and Girls Club of the Berkshires, and lacrosse in a positive light in the community through our proper guidance
  • Keep connections whenever possible to past members of Saints lacrosse (Parents, High School, and College Players)

 Ensuring a system for sustainability of Steering Committee

  • Determine individual position tasks and responsibilities
  • Seek and cultivate volunteers for open positions
  • Conduct an annual appraisal of tasks and personal resources

Steering Committee Positions
Club President -
“The Buck Stops Here”

  • Attend (or designate program representative to attend) all league meetings.
  • Liaison to the Boys & Girls Club
  • Liaison to City of Pittsfield Parks Department
  • Liaison to the lacrosse league(s) the Saints participate in.
  • Coordinate committee tasks pre-season, season, and post-season.
  • Preside at all committee meetings.
  • Oversight, direction, and support of committee members tasks and responsibilities.

Website Administrators-
Update league, program, and social mediate sites of pertinent details needed throughout the year.

  • Seasonal banners (registration dates, post season, between seasons),
  • committee and coaches contact information
  • rosters
  • game and practice schedules
  • directions and locations
  • game results

Pre-season registration of players, coaches.

  • Attend and help coordinate staffing of all registration sessions
  • Filing of US Lacrosse memberships
  • B&G Club memberships
  • Reconcile with Treasurer all fees collected vs. program registration

Supervision of all monies of the CYC lacrosse program

  • Responsible for keeping accurate accounts of money received and disbursed as authorized and required.
  • Preparation of financial statements and reports.
  • Ensure timely reimbursements to program and vendors through the B&G Club

Equipment Manager-
Maintenance, distribution, collection, and accounting of program’s player and team equipment

Field Manager-
Line and maintain fields during the season.
Help with coordination of storage container, goals, and all league field equipment.

Referee Representative/Scheduler -
Schedule refs,

Fundraising Chair -
Coordinate mandatory fundraising for the program based on annual assessed needs of program

Coaches’ Liaison -
Help Recruit, Retain and Develop coaches

  • Attend some games and practices for every team
  • Liaison between parents and coaches for concerns of conduct and policy
  • Assist Clinic Coordinator in training opportunities

Community Service and Clinic Coordinator -
Community outreach

  • Organize community service project
  • Organize locations for indoor try-out sessions and training clinics

Secretary -
Assist Program Director in the planning and distribution of committee meetings schedule, agendas, and minutes.
Assist in PR releases, CORI checks, program announcements, and registration.
Parent Representative – Bantam Level -
Parent Representative – Junior Level -
Parent Representative – Senior Level

Parent Representatives are the liaisons to their perspective age levels between the steering committee and parents.

  • Assist in registration sessions to help with questions
  • Assist Community Service Coordinator in all-program event planning and implementation.
  • Assist coaches in collecting fundraising components and additional  team assessments
  • Assist in post-season evaluations and pre-season planning

Coach (non- voting but welcome to attend all steering committee meetings)
Will strive to provide age level specific, personal player development of lacrosse fundamentals, good team dynamics, respect of the game, and sportsmanship.

  • Schedule league games at scheduling meeting
  • Organize try-outs if necessary
  • Work with Parent Representative/Team Parent for good parent communication
  • Provide practice and game schedules (and changes) as well as scores to Website Administrator
  • Work with team parent to confirm locations/directions

Team Parent (one per team, non- voting but welcome to attend all steering committee meetings)
 Assist coach in team management

  • Help parents use the websites for team schedules and travel directions
  • Help keep parents advised of upcoming team assessment dates and collection
  • Help organize team functions